My current Demo Reel

Creature Animations with Samus

Animating creature animations.

Animating Samus Aran!

First Person Samus Animation, I wanted to try my hand at animating in first person.

Animating an action scene using a moving camera.

Smear Frame Exercise I did.

My submission for Riot's 2017 animation contest.

Walk-Cycle exercise I did with a bird rig. I love birds!

My submission for #animbreak's contest.

I can do reload animations as well!

Another Acting Scene I tried out, I wanted to try to give a personality to a character when she reacts to something. In this case, Focused into Witty.

My short film for 3D production during college.

Ra from the game "Smite" reanimated

I wanted to show-case a bit of personality after a gargantuan sneeze.