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My name is Adam Kania,

I am a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design or better known as (SCAD). My major is animation with a focus on character animation for games or film. While attending SCAD, I maintained an academic position of “Deans List” for 10 consecutive quarters.

As an animator I find my profession to be extremely flexible, so I am a Digital Effects and Animation Instructor for PIedmont Communty College in North Carolina. In my spare time I am currently working on "Hanako: Honor & Blade" as an animator which was released for early access on October 9th, 2018. I interned at "Immersed Games" to help them in the animation aspect of their game "Tyto Ecology", an educational game available on iOS and Steam. I have also been a character animator for the short film, "A Cat's Tale."

I have also led small teams of artists for several animation challenges. I  have been a 4-year participant to Generate, a 24-hour competition in which students are tasked with meeting a deadline in teams to successfully create a project in under 24 hours. I have also been a part of Global Game Jam, in which in 48 hours I am part of a team to develop a working video game. I have often taken the role of leader and the initiative to complete the tasks regardless of difficulty. Thanks for visiting my web site.

Please contact me via email,

You can also reach me by phone at 770-722-1867

I have a twitter @AvianAnimator

You can also find me on LinkedIN by clicking here